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Helpful hints for your interior project.

Which sheen is right for my project?

Flat Finish
Ideal for all surfaces, especially those which have imperfections, including bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.

Eggshell/Velvet Finish
A unique, low-sheen finish. Ideal for hallways, living areas and bedrooms.

Satin Finish
Provides a washable surface that is ideal for kids' rooms, hallways, dining rooms and living rooms.

Semi Gloss Finish
Best to use on all "accent" areas, such as wood trim, doors and doorways. Also ideal for kitchens and bathrooms

How much Paint will I need?
One gallon covers approximately 400 sq. ft. Wall length x wall width = approximate square footage.
Do I need to use primer?
YES! Primers will improve the look and performance of your paint.

What applicator should I use?
Synthetic brush: ideal when using latex paint. Use when painting trim or detail work.
Natural bristle brush: ideal when using oil paint.
High-quality roller: use when painting large areas.

Don't forget to pick up:
Brushes, roller covers and frames, paint trays, drop cloths and masking tape

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