The key to any good paint job is a good brush and of course the proper  prepping of the surface (see below).  Ah... but a good brush makes the job easier, redusces brush marks and gives you cleaner line when you are "cutting in".Brushes come in various size shapes and material: Flat Trim, Angular Trim, Block & Flatting, Sash Tool – Trim Flat, Enamel/Wall, Wall & Flatting, Varnish & Enamel, Straight Sash.  Matrerials include nylon, polyester and natural China Bristle.  We carry three brands, Purdy, Wooster and Corona to meet every painters needs from the contactor to the do it yourself homeowner.



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Safety on while painting is a must.  a properly rated ladder used ONLY the way the were designed will help you avoid accidents, injuries and even death.  We carry the full line of Green Bull

step ladders, extension ladders, planks and ladder accesories to ensure you have the proper equipment for a safe and productive job.


Be safe with a Green Bull Ladder.


Every painter agrees, it's all about the prep.  Cleaning, sanding, priming and repairing the surface to be painted should alway be a good part of the job.   We carry every type of sealant you will need for your next project.  Caulk, spackle, putty, adhesives, and primers.



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We have a ll the tools you need to get the job done right.  Scrapers, caulk guns, drop cloths, masking tape, plactic sheeting and any other tool you might need for your job.


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